Registration at the bookmaker

Registration at different bookmakers

The most popular sports disciplines, such as football, tennis, hockey, basketball and a number of others, are covered by all existing online bookmakers. The more popular the bookmaker, the longer the list of each event. But it happens sometimes when a player notices a certain trend in some outcomes. But this event is absent in the line of the bookmaker’s office.

An alternative solution to the problem is to search for the desired event on the websites of other bookmakers.

Players have done this before, but it took a lot of time to travel to land-based betting shops. Now everything is much simpler – I opened the Internet and once registered on the betting site. A variety of events allows you to find the most unusual offers. And you can bet in total on more than 60 sports. This is taking into account the disciplines that can be found in bookmakers popular among our bettors.

The painting in each BC is different. There are offices in which they pay a minimum of attention to this, believing that most bettors focus only on the main outcomes. As the ratings show, this opinion is erroneous, and bookmakers are more popular, on whose websites the number of offers for different markets is higher than that of competitors.

The same applies to the set coefficients. Depending on the set margin, the level of quotes for the same sporting event may differ significantly in two bookmakers.

The lower the margin, the more profitable the player.

This is another strong evidence that if bettors are planning a more or less regular game with bookmakers, it is better to open personal accounts on several sites. Although small, it will be beneficial.
If a player plans to engage in betting at a professional level, registration with several bookmakers is indispensable. Most profitable strategies are based on mathematical calculations. And the bookmakers are well aware of this, but they are not able to do anything. To eliminate the risks of large financial losses, the management of the bookmaker establishes rules that are obviously unfavorable to players, the violation of which will not bring anything good to bettors. Another thing is if it is possible to conclude profitable deals on different sites. In this case, it is not so easy to catch, for example, an arber, as in the case of transactions with the opposite outcome and a win-win option on the service of one bookmaker. If you get a lot of money for this, you can get from 1% to 5% of revenue only on the difference in quotations, moreover, on a regular basis.

Registration in two or more bookmakers is a normal practice that is not prohibited in the betting world.